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Indian Government has embarked on the journey of transforming Indian Economy into a Digital Economy.  Digital economy has been one of the integral strategy of the Central Government tackle the menace of corruption, black money and bring transparency into the system. The main concerns of a digital economy are security, infrastructure and promoting the adoption […]

High Speed Internet

Today’s businesses are facing many challenges which are very unique to this globalized digital era. Stiff competitions against not just local but global players,high demands of tech savvy, intelligent and unrelenting customers, dwindling margins,  quality and cost pressures besides stringent regulations, the list gets stretched day by day. The situation can be even more difficult if you are operating a small or […]

Leased Line Internet Connection Benefits

There are many ways to access the Internet, and broadband as a line of connection is far more popular amongst the users. However, though it may work fine for individual requirements, commercial businesses and institutions like schools, colleges, hospitals etc may require dedicated lines and better connectivity options. That’s’ where leased lines score.  Read further to […]