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Yes, you may change the plan anytime by giving the request by writing to us at our Customer care

Billing of the customer is started from the first day of installation and the billing cycle is 30 days. Your bill is sent to your registered email id on your bill generation date.

You can also check your bill by logging into our self-service portal under ‘my bill’ section.

You can make online bill payment via credit card/ debit card/ Net banking by logging into your account at under ‘my bill’ section.

Asymmetric bandwidth gives you different speeds for upload and download (Download like browsing, watching movies, downloading songs, etc. is usually higher than uploads like file upload, etc.)

Symmetric bandwidth allows you same speeds for both upload and downloads.

On connecting to the internet your device is automatically given IP (Internet Protocol) address to identify it to the outside world. There are 2 types of IP address – Static and dynamic.

Static IP address always remains the same.

Dynamic IP address changes from session to session and is given to Business users.

FTTH stands for Fiber-to-the-Home. This means a fiber optic line is hooked directly to your home or business. Fiber optic line uses a thin strand of glass to transmit beams of light that carry an amazing amount of data. This delivers high-speed Internet services.

Fair Usage Policy (also known as Fair Access Policy or Bandwidth Cap) is implemented by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) where once you reach data transfer limit as per the plan opted, speed reduces to as stated in your plan and is reset as per plan at the start of your next monthly billing cycle.

There can be 2 reasons for this. We may either be not present in your area or your society has not given permission to allow our connectivity. 

Check Internet availability in your area.

You can also check your account data usage by logging into our self-service portal under ‘data usage’ section.

100 GB data gives you practically unlimited access for

  • Watching 50 HD movies, or
  • Streaming a whole month of music streaming (that’s 650 hours!), or
  • Half a month of continuous HD video calling on Skype (that’s 320 hours!), or
  • Thousands of hours of web browsing and thousands of emails

Data volume refers to the data allocated in a specific plan which can be used for uploads and download.

We have both limited and unlimited Internet plans. please visit for plan details.

Post successful account verification, our Installation team will visit your premises within 72 hours and install the FTTH connection and give you demonstration.

We support only equipment given by us.

Our teams are well trained but sometimes we come across scenarios where wiring teams get stuck on account of choke conduit. In such cases, team will re-attempt and at the time will request for the support of your building electrician.

If all these effort fail, then the amount will be refunded to you within 4 weeks in your bank account as per details shared.

Router issues may result in internet connection disruption. Rebooting the router or switching it off and on can solve the problem.

  • Unplug your router, wait for some time and re-plug.
  • Attempt to reconnect to internet.

If the issue is still not resolved or you do not have connection issues with the router, then you may please contact our customer care at  for support.

First check the LEDs on the router –

If No LED is glowing, then

  • Ensure power cable is connected to CPE and power supply is available.
  • If power is not coming, pls. change the socket on different power source to verify the availability of power.
  • If adapter is faulty, pls. replace with the working adapter.

If only WAN LED is not glowing

  • Ensure WAN Cable is properly connected on the WAN port of CPE.
  • If cable is loose, plug out and plug in the WAN cable again.
  • If still LED is not coming up, please power off device and power on after 5 sec.
  • If the problem is still not resolved, then please write to us at

If WAN and LAN/Wi-Fi LEDs are glowing solid green, then

  • If you are connected by LAN cable

a. Ensure that DHCP option is enable in your Ethernet card.

b. Check TCP/IP Setting in your Device by typing in Start -> Run > ncpa.cpl and press enter.

c. Radio button should be checked (Obtain an IP Address automatically & Obtain DNS server address automatically)

d. Check cable from Router LAN port to your PC / Laptop Ethernet port.

e. Verify your IP with following steps:

  • Click on start button in window.
  • Click on run
  • Type cmd, a window dialog box will open
  • Type ipconfig on command prompt.
  • If you are not getting the IP address, then please write to us at
  • If you are getting the IP Address, please try to ping Default Gateway.
  • If you are getting reply after ping command, it means your connectivity from PC to CPE is fine
  • If still your internet is not working pls. call customer care
  • If you are not able to ping Default Gateway, it could be due to LAN connectivity issue, please write to us at

You will need to submit the following documents along with duly filled Customer Application Form (CAF) and applicable charges (if any)

  • Self-attested Photograph
  • Self-attested Proof of Identity
  • Self-attested Proof of Address

You can attach self-attested copy of any one of them for Proof of Address & proof of Identity.

  • Aadhaar (UID) Card
  • Passport
  • Voter ID Card
  • Current passbook of Post Office/PSU Bank as Proof of Address, having photo as Proof of Identity & Address.
  • Photo Identity Card having address of Central Govt./PSU or State Govt. /PSU only.
  • Certificate of address having photo, issued by MP/MLA/Group A Gazetted Officer in letter head.
  • Certificate of address with photo from Govt. Recognized educational institutions (for students only)
  • Pensioner's Card having Photo with address.
  • CGHS/ECHS Card
  • Address card with photo issued by Dept. of Post, Govt. of India.
  • Caste & Domicile Certificate with Photo & Address issued by State Govt.
  • Freedom Fighter Card having Photo & Address
  • Certificate of address having photo issued by Village Panchayat head or equivalent authority. (For rural areas)
  • Kisan Passbook having Photo with Address.

Yes, you can have multiple connections. You may apply while taking initial connection or any time later. Multiple connections will be installed post verifying there are no dues on the existing connection.

  • Please ensure that the distance between your PC/Laptop and Wi-Fi router is not more than 7 feet (line of sight).
  • Please note that direct wire line connection will always give you a better speed than Wi-Fi.
  • Please ensure that there are no background applications running on the computer that you are using for speed test.
  • Please ensure that your antivirus is properly installed and updated.
  • Number of devices running simultaneously on your internet can affect the speed of your connection.

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