Video Transport

Transmit sharp HD, 3D, 4K feeds of events to global audience.

Video Transport

Our high-speed fiber network and IP based media technology delivers high-definition live feeds worldwide.

Media and entertainment business is undergoing a huge transformation. With the fan base increasing every year, traditional satellite transmission is having trouble meeting the demands. With the need for more HD and 3D feeds and availability of fewer time slots, broadcasters are looking beyond satellite for more flexible solutions.

The answer lies in the unique services offered by Spectranet using immense capacity of its fiber network. This solution empowers the broadcasters, fast production outlets and content providers to offer services and products to their customers' demand in the emerging DTV market place. Virtual studio network and point-to-point solution set empowers the broadcasters, MSOs, content providers and corporate entities with the ability to transport Real Time Uncompressed (270 Mbps) SDI or Compressed (4 - 8 Mbps) MPEG – 2/4 Video/Audio signal.

Through our highly redundant fiber network, we can transmit crystal clear live feeds to playout facilities around the world. Our technology delivers extremely low latency and high-reliability at a fraction of the cost of satellite.

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