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Get the Best Wi-Fi Experience

Get wired for
the speed

It’s not easy for most wi-fi routers to keep up with our 100 Mbps speed. In order to enjoy 100 Mbps ultra amazing internet, it’s advisable to use a wired LANcable or an Ethernet cable to connect to your router.

The more the devices, the better

The total throughput tends towards 100 Mbps when more devices are being run on the connection. A single device is not likely to achieve 100 Mbps downloads.

Location matters

Locate an open area for your modem. Just as speakers need open space to project sound, placing your modem in an open area ensures better wi-fi coverage.

Stay safe, stay fast

Malware, spyware and virus prevent high speeds from becoming ultra high speeds. Get rid of the killjoys.

Old is not
always gold

Older LAN cables and computers cannot match the 100 Mbps throughput. Switch your computer Ethernet port from FE to Gigabit Ethernet, and make sure you are using CAT5e or CAT6 LAN cables.

Clutter hampers

Different materials can affect wi-fi signals inside your home. Concrete and plaster used in walls are well-known offenders. Move your modem away from mirrors and fish tanks. As water and metallic surfaces block wi-fi signals, place your router in a clearer space for better wi-fi coverage. Synthetic materials in furniture, metal in shelter doors, marble in counters and floors may also interfere wi-fi signals to a certain extent.

Neighbors are not always
great friends

Your neighbor may be eating your internet bandwidth. Don’t share your wi-fi password with anyone.

Best match for
best results

A wi-fi router with 802.11 ac specifications ensures increased throughput and a longer range for connectivity than every wi-fi router that came before it. Plus, it is also the best compatible router for the 5 Ghz band.

Upgrade to avoid

Bluetooth devices, game controllers and even microwave ovens may interfere with your wi-fi. When that happens, you may experience a decrease in wireless range between devices, decrease in data throughput, and even intermittent or complete loss of connection. If you cannot avoid them, then switch to a powerful 5 Ghz band router.

HD videos for all

802.11 ac wireless standard will support simultaneous streaming of HD video to multiple users.