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CloudCC: Simple and Profitable Hosted Contact Center Solution

A complex technology like premise based contact center has become simplified than ever with the unified communication features of CloudCC. There are no redundant systems to maintain and no worries to upgrades IT applications.  Unlike legacy premise based contact center technology, it is a pay-per-use model and completely scalable. It flexible solutions grow with you and can be trimmed down anytime.  Call center managers who are worried over competition and quality control, CloudCC is an ideal solution for them to enhance the productivity at optimized cost.

Spectranet’s CloudCC is a superior managed Hosted Contact Center solution. It is a bundled offering of Drishti’s virtual contact centre solution and VoIP minutes, PRI and DID to suit the needs of inbound and outbound call centers.  Delivered over Internet as SaaS, CloudCC of Spectranet works as a complete communication suite.

The service offerings of CloudCC include

  1. Domestic Calling
  2. International Calling
  3. Broadcast Dialing and
  4. Interactive Voice Response System

If your company wants to deploy multi-site environment along with home agents, CloudCC is for you.  It comprises industry leading features with built-in capabilities of DNC list management, call recording and customizable real-time reporting on agent status and calling.

Companies requiring international calling features can subscribe to one of the three models of CloudCC which are

CloudCC Starter: It is ideal for domestic call centers and inbound call processes.

CloudCC Gold: This service offering fulfills the requirement of customers who want to continue with existing service provider but looking for a managed solution as well.

CloudCC Platinum:  It is a single-window –fully- managed solution for companies which need an OPEX model for call center suite.

In general, the solution packaging for the offering includes

•  Predictive Dialer

•  Intelligent routing

•  Interactive Voice Response

•  Call recording and quality monitoring

•  Customizable reporting

•  Easy integration with third-party applications like CRM etc.

With CloudCC, the deployment of a full featured contact center can be done easily without any upfront investments in equipment purchases and integration costs. The platform of Spectranet’s CloudCC is multi-tier, SaaS ready and multi-tenant. Due to this, end users utilize shared server capacity in a partitioned environment which consequentially results in cost advantages.

Along with this, the extensive APIs and base architecture support multiple application packages in a single set up. With least turnaround time and rapid feature development, the bundled solution of CloudCC is a cost-effective way to deploy a hosted contact center with state-of-the-art reliable call center technology.

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Take your BPO a Step Further with Spectranet’s CloudCC

CloudCC is a complete on-demand communication suite which is delivered over the Internet as Software-as-a-Service. CloudCC deploys the platform of Drishti’s virtual contact center solution. It is a bundled offering wherein hosted contact center solution is bundled with VoIP minutes, DID or PRI (Primary Rate Interface) as preferable, making it suitable for inbound and outbound calling both.

With Spectranet’s CloudCC, companies can regain the much coveted control on their resources and operations by outsourcing their call center technology infrastructure. It reduces the operational expenses and worries of managing or upgrading redundant IT systems. You gain an upper hand on your competitors by deploying centralized IT system which enables higher uptimes.

Also, your customer support team gets the back-up of customizable routing strategies such as skills-based routing, intelligent queuing, remote agent support, call monitoring and recording. The only on- premise equipment or resource you need are agent PCs and phones.

CloudCC of Spectranet is a pay per use which cuts the total cost of ownership significantly. Users can purchase the required modules in accordance with the need of their business providing them the flexibility to scale up or downsize the hosted contact center services without bearing the unnecessary cost of a premise based model.

It is a cost effective way to start call center with minimum investment and minus the huge expenses of capital outlay. Thanks to this, business can easily shift the approach from high front end expenditure framework to a manageable OPEX approach.

The development platform of Drishti makes this contact center solution inherently multi-tier, multi-tenant and SaaS ready. End-users, referred to as tenants share server capacity in a partitioned environment enabling the cost advantage. The extensive APIs and base architecture of enables the support of multiple application packages support in a single set up.

With least turnaround time and rapid feature development, the bundled solution of CloudCC is indeed a cost-effective and reliable call center technology. With CloudCC, enterprises can deploy both multi-site as well as home agent environment.

As the hosted contact center suite is delivered over the Internet, a company can deploy a full featured contact center quickly and affordably, reducing the cost of both up-front equipment purchases as well as on integration considerably.

It replaces the legacy technology and unifies unlimited number of geographically distributed call centers on a considerable low budget.

The service offering of CloudCC include:

  • CloudCC Starter – It is a pay per month per seat license fee model.
  • CloudCC Gold – This service model bundles international calling minutes bundled with Contact Center Suite. End users would have to pay per minute charge along with the license fee for Ameyo.
  • CloudCC Platinum – It is fully Managed hosted contact center solution wherein connectivity and International calling minutes over VoIP with the contact center suite is bundled.

Control and manage the pressure of creating a better customer experience and growing complexity with CloudCC at reduced capital expenses. This on-demand hosted call center suite of Spectranet offers intelligent inbound call routing and queuing, automated outbound dialing and synchronized screen PoPs.

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Spectranet’s Cloud CC for the Future-Age Contact Centers

Under the increased pressure to provide premium services to customers, drive sales, and reduce operational costs, the challenges for call centers have also increased. A typical domestic or international call center face problems like

  • Excess CAPEX and OPEX
  • Excessive turnaround times
  • Outdated or inadequate contact center applications
  • Multiple vendors for VoIP and telecommunications
  • Expensive technology requirements
  • Fulfill diverse demands of customer based at multiple locations
  • Seasonal Demands

To overcome the challenges, Spectranet offers unified and completely scalable portfolio of contact center applications.

Named as Cloud CC, this on-demand hosted contact center communication suite offer multichannel applications such as ACD, e-mail response, IVR, CTI chat, co-browsing, Computer Telephony Integration, predictive dialing, recording, call history and administrative tools to create a completely next generation and automated contact center.

Hosting the software on our highly redundant servers at Spectranet’s data center make the services managed, secure and ideal for both domestic and international call centers. The applications of the communication suite can be completely customized.  The advanced voice and multimedia capabilities of suite make Cloud CC one-stop destination for all the contact center needs.

The key features of the hosted contact center solution are as follows:

  • Interface for agent and supervisors: Supervisors and agents can simply log in and start taking calls. The supervisors can whisper, barge-in and monitor them.
  • Affordability: The hosted contact center needs no upfront investment. Choose from the various customized monthly rate plans to suit your requirement.
  • Automated Functions and tools:  Integrated interface including feature such as IVR, VoIP and e-mail response and many more.
  • IP connectivity:  Multi-site routing, remote supervising, the hosted contact center application enables the virtualization in true sense. While you can now, recruit agents working from home, you can remotely supervise them as well.
  • DND compliance: The numbers availing the facility of DND is not dialed by the CRM.
  • Compatibility towards the third party business applications: The contact center suite can easily be integrated with your existing CRM or other IT applications.
  • Lead multiple campaigns simultaneously: You can start and lead multiple campaign with the help of Cloud CC. Save your time and money by using the simple and customized interface for agents.
  • Pay as you go: You only pay for the services you used.
  • Scalable and reliable services: Complete back up to
  • Location independent: You do not need to deploy the software in your premises. Your business can be located anywhere on this earth to utilize the benefits.
  • Flexible capacity to the growth adjustment of the company, so that the companies can recoup the infrastructure investments in case of a business experiment gone wrong.
  • No need to invest and add in-house technology system:

As a call center, one does not need to invest in call center technologies separately because the application suite offers all the applications/ technology one may need integrated in one.

Why to choose a hosted contact center suite?

  1. World class contact center applications and regular upgrades
  2. Completely customized and scalable applications to respond favorably to new growth opportunities
  3. Consistent and location independent services
  4. No concerns of technology maintenance and upgrades
  5. 24/7 support
  6. Unified application suites offering outbound dialing, monitoring and other features
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