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Wi-Fi gets a Shot in the Arm

India has been dreaming of setting up city-wide Wi-Fi networks since 2008, when the Bombay Municipal Corporation forwarded an over ambitious plan of using Wi-Fi. The Rs. 50 crore project was intended to design an intranet, which people could use to communicate with one another. The municipality wanted the network up and running within six months. Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune are some other cities vying for Wi-Fi enabled city status.

Girish Mehta, CMO Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel, commented, “Huge investment is required to completely unwire a city. In the past, efforts were made, that too only in select commercial or residential pockets.” He added that inhibiting factors included low customer patronage and high usage charges.

A Reliance spokesperson said, “For any network rollout there is a certain viability check that needs to be done. India has been going through a phase of technology conflict on the success potential of wireless technology for data access. No rollouts can happen without tech alignment. There has to be a balance between the avenue structure and revenues. Now that the auction for 3G is over, operators will be in a better position to design their strategies” Read More….


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Spectranet’s VPS Hosting Services: Transform Business with Virtualization

VPS Hosting Services offered by Spectranet are a unique combination of the features of shared and Dedicated Hosting Services. Spectranet provides both managed and unmanaged Virtual Private Server hosting services. In managed services, the mission critical software and tools are installed with technical resources available 24X7 as a basic set up whereas companies would have to deploy their own technical resources in an unmanaged VPS hosting. The configurations can be completely customized and are designed in accordance with real businesses in mind. From SMEs to the big players, the VPS Hosting Services of Spectranet guarantee 99.999% of uptime.

Based on the virtualization platform of pioneer like VMware, Spectranet provides most simplified cloud infrastructure with virtualization management. Offering next generation’s flexible and reliable IT services, the platform of Spectranet provides key virtualization features like high availability and fault tolerance. High availability helps you to achieve cost effective safety against hardware failures with a minimal downtime and automated restart within seconds for all applications in the event of hardware or operating system failures. Fault Tolerance (FT) provides continuous availability, without any data loss or downtime, to any application ensuring uptime of 99.999%.  The advance storage management and scalability features of Spectranet VPS enable full control over memory and network flow to prevent any user from impacting the shared resources.

With Spectranet VPS, you can control your own unique file system and CGI-BIN, disk space system. It provides the ability to manage your dedicated environment directly through SSH or Remote Desktop Connection. You can also add a control panel like Plesk to Linux Base VPS and Linux Premium VPS.

What do you get in a VPS plan of Spectranet?

1)    Root access to your own Private Servers: You can run your own set of applications with choice of operating system and manage them.

2)    Guaranteed QOS/SLA: It includes memory, bandwidth, network uptime and disk space.

3)    Security: While you are virtually sharing segments with other users on virtualized platform; their work, operating system failures, or bugs does not affect you. You do not share disk spaces, TCP/IP stacks or applications making you distinct and at a different virtual level of the server.

Spectranet’s Virtual Private Server Hosting Services offer:

Better Control: Users are provided with easy to use web based control panel with which they can manage, modify, delete or upgrade the application interface.

Better Security: Since you do not share the same space with other users, you experience lesser downtimes and human intervention. Also, the bugs, faulty scripts and malware coding in other users’ applications do not affect you.

Better Performance: Enhance your resources as your website expands.

Spectranet’s VPS can meet multiple levels of demands in terms of performance, speed and bandwidth. These are totally compatible with third party server applications as well. VPS solutions of Spectranet provide the customer with the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with their own set of services and customizable storage (disk space). The control panel enables the administrative user to modify their VPS without any technical expertise.

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IVR: Helping Companies to Connect with Customers

Thanks to the growing acceptance towards voice driven technologies, IVRS is now an integral part of customer care support. IVRS is the key to reduce the operational expenditure and enhance the customer experience by taking off the call burden from agents. Spectranet’s IVR solution is a multi-dimensional system which cuts down on call times, increases productivity and streamlines the operations. The call centers or customer care department of the companies dealing largely in information retrieval of any kind such as flight information, pricing updates, password or pin generation and transaction processing can make the most of it.

An IVR system is extremely user-friendly. Able to integrate seamlessly with T1, ISDN, E1 or analog lines, it simultaneously saves time and increase efficiency of a call center. Cutting down the wait times for customers, it enhances the productivity and performance levels of customer care executives. Remote monitoring and intelligent routing between different applications is also possible. To utilize this technology to its utmost potential, the IVR system and script allows an ideal combination of quick automated messages and human involvement. The inflexible push towards automation neither drives the customer satisfaction nor revenues to the home. Implementation of poorly designed IVR can spell disaster for any company and instead of reducing the calls would result in outnumbered calls in a call center.

Thankfully, the IVR of Spectranet works as a complete communication channel between company and customers. It strikes a perfect balance between automation and self service commands. Capable to reduce the OPEX and cut back the time consumption in a calling process, Spectranet’s IVRS is customer friendly and rich in usability.

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Shared Hosting Servers of Spectranet: What Makes Them Special?

Finally, a shared hosting services provider that not only empathizes with your business but also partners to ensure your success. From e-commerce features to advanced server technologies for enterprises, Spectranet’s shared hosting servers have it all. Read on to know the unique and outstanding features of shared hosting servers of Spectranet.  And how they help business to maintain and safeguard their online presence.

Affordable: Affordable does not imply that you have to compromise on bandwidth, storage space or security. Spectranet’s shared hosting services come with anti-virus support, dedicated security solutions and are completely scalable.

Bandwidth and Storage: With the growth of your business, you may also need to expand and extend your web presence due to increased traffic. With the shared hosting of Spectranet, you get unmetered monthly bandwidth and unlimited hosting space capacity.

e-Commerce Features: 24/7 server monitoring for security, advanced Firewall, OS based online Shopping Cart, SSL certificates, password protected directories and encryption.

Advanced Server Technologies: Thanks to our advanced technologies such as Servlets, Java Server Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans and XML, the Java hosting account keeps updating itself with the expansion of website.

Basic to Professional Packages: Whether the shared hosting solutions are needed for basic template website, blog or for a regularly updated website, businesses can choose the desired bandwidth OS and JSP support.

Database Hosting: The shared servers India of Spectranet support databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and others.

24/7 customer support: When and wherever you need it. Remote and on-site technical assistance also provided. We understand that website owners should not be waiting forever to online again. In case of downtimes, the efforts to reinstate website is initiated within minutes. Moreover, all the e-mail queries are responded instantly. Identifying the problem and fixing it, becomes the top- most priority.

Access to Control Panels: Build your online presence and IT resources the way you want them to be. You can update, modify or delete the part of your website you do not need. This access is something which is not provided by most of the shared hosting providers.

From installation, configuration, load balancing to security, the mission critical services of the organizations are managed by a team of skilled engineers. The dependable and stable shared hosting servers of Spectranet ensure minimum downtime.

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Spectranet’s Cloud CC for the Future-Age Contact Centers

Under the increased pressure to provide premium services to customers, drive sales, and reduce operational costs, the challenges for call centers have also increased. A typical domestic or international call center face problems like

  • Excess CAPEX and OPEX
  • Excessive turnaround times
  • Outdated or inadequate contact center applications
  • Multiple vendors for VoIP and telecommunications
  • Expensive technology requirements
  • Fulfill diverse demands of customer based at multiple locations
  • Seasonal Demands

To overcome the challenges, Spectranet offers unified and completely scalable portfolio of contact center applications.

Named as Cloud CC, this on-demand hosted contact center communication suite offer multichannel applications such as ACD, e-mail response, IVR, CTI chat, co-browsing, Computer Telephony Integration, predictive dialing, recording, call history and administrative tools to create a completely next generation and automated contact center.

Hosting the software on our highly redundant servers at Spectranet’s data center make the services managed, secure and ideal for both domestic and international call centers. The applications of the communication suite can be completely customized.  The advanced voice and multimedia capabilities of suite make Cloud CC one-stop destination for all the contact center needs.

The key features of the hosted contact center solution are as follows:

  • Interface for agent and supervisors: Supervisors and agents can simply log in and start taking calls. The supervisors can whisper, barge-in and monitor them.
  • Affordability: The hosted contact center needs no upfront investment. Choose from the various customized monthly rate plans to suit your requirement.
  • Automated Functions and tools:  Integrated interface including feature such as IVR, VoIP and e-mail response and many more.
  • IP connectivity:  Multi-site routing, remote supervising, the hosted contact center application enables the virtualization in true sense. While you can now, recruit agents working from home, you can remotely supervise them as well.
  • DND compliance: The numbers availing the facility of DND is not dialed by the CRM.
  • Compatibility towards the third party business applications: The contact center suite can easily be integrated with your existing CRM or other IT applications.
  • Lead multiple campaigns simultaneously: You can start and lead multiple campaign with the help of Cloud CC. Save your time and money by using the simple and customized interface for agents.
  • Pay as you go: You only pay for the services you used.
  • Scalable and reliable services: Complete back up to
  • Location independent: You do not need to deploy the software in your premises. Your business can be located anywhere on this earth to utilize the benefits.
  • Flexible capacity to the growth adjustment of the company, so that the companies can recoup the infrastructure investments in case of a business experiment gone wrong.
  • No need to invest and add in-house technology system:

As a call center, one does not need to invest in call center technologies separately because the application suite offers all the applications/ technology one may need integrated in one.

Why to choose a hosted contact center suite?

  1. World class contact center applications and regular upgrades
  2. Completely customized and scalable applications to respond favorably to new growth opportunities
  3. Consistent and location independent services
  4. No concerns of technology maintenance and upgrades
  5. 24/7 support
  6. Unified application suites offering outbound dialing, monitoring and other features
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Reach Out to Maximum People in Shortest Possible Time with Spectranet Cloud CC

No Extensive Training, Technical Expertise, Maintenance or Administration Needed. These are some of the unique benefits of Spectranet’s hosted dialer solution- Cloud CC. Designed to streamline the telemarketing process, enhance the efficiency and increase the sales of businesses and outbound call centers,  our predictive dialer gives the power to reach out customers in shortest possible time and increase the productivity of the in-house team.  The software is capable to create reports and track multiple campaigns.

In a research, it was found that predictive dialers facilitate 47 minutes of working time instead of 16 minutes when the numbers were dialed manually.  The numbers of leads were more as the agents did not have to waste time in dialing. Only the calls answered by human voices were transferred to agents. Calls landing in voice mails or not answered were skipped by the dialer.   Many hosted contact centers have experienced a whooping rise in the success of their telemarketing campaigns and increase in sales figures after deploying predictive dialer.  Along with increased productivity of in-house team, the dialer is completely compliant with the telecom regulations. Do Not Call numbers are not dialed by the dialer.

Moreover, the call center management can get detailed call records and tracking report. Along with automatic time zone management, a predictive dialer shows detailed report of display numbers, dropped calls, missed calls and engaged calls.

The dialer can be used for

  • Sales lead generation
  • Event notifications
  • Charity/ Fundraising
  • Business/ Community events
  • Product promotions
  • Sales announcements
  • Service reminders
  • Customer surveys
  • Voter registration
  • Collections (for automated calls)
  • Service pickup/delivery notifications
  • Community announcements (Religious, local or political)


  • Fully automated and streamlined telemarketing processes
  • Productive and more efficient team
  • Outreach your customers globally in shortest possible time
  • Enable tracking and monitoring of the campaign
  • Increased conversion rates and revenues
  • Holistic lead management tracking
  • Real time monitoring and reporting
  • Call recording for performance management
  • No burdensome administration
  • No technical headaches
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Spectranet’s Wireless Broadband: the Instant and Better Solution for Social Media Users over DSL

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube. The opportunities and offerings of sharing your world and lives with other socially active users are immense but stops to a screech when your DSL Internet connection ditches you. When it comes to upload a photo of a recent get together with your friend, the entire thing takes what it seems to like eons. The machine hangs up and you often lose the data as you need to reboot.

To be honest, the truth is there is nothing wrong with DSL. It is in fact, one of the most liked options for connectivity. It is the inherent limitation of DSL that restricts the uploading speed. Downloading speed is higher than uploading times in DSL. The standard G.lite ADSL connection has 1.5 Mbit/s downloading speed when compared to uploading speed of 0.5 Mbit/s.  In these times of Web 2.0, you sure would not like to lag behind on the connectivity or choose wires which are, well, passé.

If you want to end the struggle of lower uploading speed, poor customer services and the installation waiting times, then Spectranet’s wireless broadband connections are for you.  To understand the benefits of a wireless broadband, you need to understand the pain points of a DSL service.

1) DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) which can be recognized as the phone line connection is good only when you are in close proximity to the central office of the provider.  The farther you are: the poorer reception you receive.

2) DSL connection is good to receive rather than sending data and information over the Internet.

So, as a heavy social media user it is up to you to decide and whom to switch to. Obviously, you would not like to be more often at the receiving end.  Free your life from the mediocrity of DSL services and get wireless broadband connection right away. Proffering symmetrical bandwidth (the same uploading and downloading speed) and bringing the true sense of connectivity-on-the-go, the wireless broadband of Spectranet is designed to meet the next level connectivity demands.

Whether you are a Social Media Marketer utilizing the tools for building network or a student simply checking in to play online games and watch videos, choose from the wide array of packages.  Get a single and dedicated wireless connection that is speedy enough to match your pace. The installation is super quick.  Place an order, give us the time of two days and you are all set to rock on. Surf the Internet on WiFi phones. Furthermore, the Internet reliability and performance of Spectranet’s wireless broadband is clubbed with superior offers.

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Spectranet Partners with Aircel to Introduce India’s first ‘High Speed Internet Access’ on Wi-Fi

New Delhi, March 07, 2011: Spectranet has partnered with Aircel to offer high speed Internet access to Aircel customers on Wi-Fi. Spectranet Wi-Fi service can be accessed by Aircel subscribers on all kinds of Wi-Fi enabled devices including mobile phones, laptops and tablets. Aircel subscribers can access the Wi-Fi services by latching onto the “aircel_spectranet” SSID and following a simple two-step registration process.

Spectranet, as preferred partner of Aircel, will deploy and manage core & access service infrastructure for Wi-Fi services enabling seamless authentication solution for both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers. This service will enable seamless Internet access for Aircel subscribers across Aircel GSM/3G network and Spectranet Wi-Fi network.

Spectranet’s mobile data offload platform enables seamless traffic handover between GSM & WiFi networks. The system allows mobile smartphone users to be automatically logged in & out of Wi-Fi hotspots without having to enter username and password each time. The technology platform has been supplied by leading Indian OSS/BSS vendor Inventum Technologies which is also behind several other leading network deployments. It is notable that this is the first ever deployment of 2G & 3G mobile data offload to WiFi within India.

Spectranet has deployed Wi-Fi network at over 1000 hot-spots across six metros Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad. Over the next five years Spectranet plans to invest Rs. 500 Crore to expand its services across 50,000 hot spots and over 5 million households.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr. Udit Mehrotra, Managing Director, Spectranet, said, “Spectranet will continue innovating and creating differentiated offerings to enhance consumers’ experience. We are building India’s largest Wi-Fi network across commercial and residential areas and see tremendous growth opportunity in this segment. We are glad to partner with Aircel and be the first to introduce this unique offering in India. Being the first to offer this high speed internet experience to its customers, Spectranet has yet again demonstrated its commitment to bringing innovative and value enhancing services to its valued customers.”

About Spectranet:

Spectranet started its journey in the year 2000 as the pioneer of Broadband in India and has evolved into India’s leading Integrated Communication Services Provider.

Spectranet’s operations are strategically segmented into Enterprise and Home solutions. Spectranet’s portfolio ranges from high-speed broadband to next-gen cloud-based services. The solutions Spectranet offers are tailored to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers.

Spectranet currently offers its services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Chandigarh and is extending its footprint to many more cities across India.

About Inventum Technologies:

Inventum helps communication service providers deliver, meter & manage next generation IP services. Inventum’s solutoins include intelligent service controllers (MSC), AAA solutions, convergent billing systems (UNIFY SMP) and related OSS/BSS software. The company’s platforms are widely deployed by both ISP & Mobile Operators in India with a market leading position in WiFi OSS/BSS platforms.

The company is headquatered in Noida with office across India, Asia & the USA.

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Introducing Another Internet Service Provider – Spectranet

While broadband penetration in India is still below the expectation, and BSNL is the only true pan India broadband service provider with widest coverage we like to introduce a little known ISP Spectranet which is offering cable & wireless broadband and WiFi services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Chandigarh and is extending its footprint to many more cities across India.

Spectranet was rolled out in 2000 but after acquisition by the Shyam Group (of MTS India fame) in 2008, it has evolved into an Integrated Communication Services Provider.

Spectranet’s cable based broadband which does not need any phone or modem comes at a very affordable rate, you can choose any plan which offers bandwidth from 256kbps to 4Mbps. All types of plans – limited, flat rate & night plans are available. All plans are prepaid – so no question of bill shock at the end of month.

Note that Spectranet also has reasonable fair usage policy on unlimited plans with bandwidth more than 256kbps. Details of Spectranet’s FUP

Spectranet also gives away QuickHeal Antivirus to its wireless broadband customers. Wireless broadband plans starting from 256kbps to 2Mbps are available at very affordable rate.Spectranet has its WiFi Hotzones in Delhi NCR, Noida, Guragaon, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Gaziabad. Locate here

For enterprises Spectranet has a wide range of solutions: Connectivity Solutions, Datacenter Solutions, Voice Solutions, Collaboration Solutions, Cloud CC, Security Solutions

SpectraNet’s Firsts:

  • Pioneers of broadband in India; more than 10 years of experience in provisioning, delivering & servicing broadband solutions.
  • First private company in South-East Asia with a live “commissioned” network of optic fiber cable (OFC).
  • Set up one of the 1st World Class Tier-III Data Centres in India.
  • Amongst the 1st private players to enter the carrier market & service the needs of other ISPs.
  • First ISP in South Asia to be certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Spectranet is available on Twitter: @spectranet_in You will be glad to know they also following us (@telecomtalk) on twitter.

For more details, visit www.spectranet.in or call: 1860-266-0099 or email to business@spectranet.com or tweet them!

Source:- http://telecomtalk.info/introducing-another-internet-service-provider-spectranet/56796/

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Accessing Internet – Changing trends in the industry

For the past few years, the Govt. of India is focusing on increasing the Broadband penetration across country. The performance so far has been not up to the expectation. The spotlight of data industry has been on the number of broadband subscribers and their growth. However, there is another interesting story brewing beneath the surface which is changing the dynamics of the industry. A revolutionary change in usage pattern of internet and the medium to access internet is underway – fueled by both hardware and services offerings.

On the hardware front, the laptop market in India is growing at over 100% per annum and Wi-Fi enabled phones are now available for as less as Rs.4,000. Tablet computers – promising convergence of smart phones and laptops – are also making a significant mark with over 10 manufacturers launching tablet computers in the last 1 year in India. The ubiquitous availability of devices to access internet has created immense pressure on Service providers as the customers today are demanding increasing mobility and universal availability of services. With voice becoming a commodity due to severe competition and dwindling rates, service providers are now focusing on catering to the data needs of customers. The steep premium paid by service providers at recent auction of 3G and BWA licenses is an indication of industry pinning its hope on the increasing demand of mobile data services.

Wi-Fi is one of the many service delivery platforms competing to cater to the segment of mobile internet users. Of late, Wi-Fi as a technology is increasingly gaining momentum in India. Wi-Fi provides localized mobile internet services which can be accessed by users across a variety of platforms such a phones, tablet and laptop.

Though Wi-Fi provides higher speed compared to other current mobile data services, an often quoted limitation of Wi-Fi is its restricted coverage capability. However, analysis of bandwidth consumption pattern of customers reveals that most of the data consumption happens inside premises – be it in homes, offices or common public places such as malls, hotels or hospitals. Service providers are capitalizing on the limited areas of bandwidth consumption by making Wi-Fi Hotspots across locations such as malls, hospitals, hotels and markets – thereby creating a presence wherever the customer is likely to use data services. To complete the mobility aspect of the offering, service providers are offering free roaming services to their residential customers, enabling users to browse internet at their favourite destination using the same credentials that the customer would use at his/her home. The lower cost of Wi-Fi technology and standard implementation across devices provides Wi-Fi a cutting edge over other mobile bandwidth platforms.

The impact of 3G rollout on the Wi-Fi service delivery platform remains to be seen. 3G is pitted as the next big thing in India Telecom industry and a competitor to Wi-Fi Hotspots as both platforms offer mobile data connectivity solution. But Mobile Operators are already looking at utilizing the Wi-Fi platform as a complementing platform to gain more economical operational costs; rather than as a competition. Reason for such opinion is not hard to find. 3G requires enormous investment in network and the coverage inside premises remains a challenge. Service providers are nowadays offering Managed Wi-Fi Service which can be integrated with both 3G and 2G networks. Using the EAP-SIM technology, data transfer by Mobile Operator’s customer can be seamlessly transferred from the 3G / GPRS to Wi-Fi Infrastructure whenever the user is in a Wi-Fi zone. The user benefits with higher speed data transfer and the Mobile Operator gains by offloading the traffic from the expensive spectrum on to comparatively cheaper Wi-Fi platform.

Thus, the Wi-Fi technology seems to be poised for an explosive growth across the country and globe. Launch of 3G services in India shall provide impetus to the trend of Wi-Fi hotspot across the country with data transfer seamlessly switching to available technology platform. All in all, the customers are in a treat with various technologies making mobile broadband a reality and the interplay in technologies providing a perfect browsing experience to customer wherever he/she desires.

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