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Spectranet broadband powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) to offer free Tech Assist managed by iYogi to its Customers

Today internet is the easiest, most reliable and cost effective medium to communicate, entertain and educate. With a surge in devices being used within a family and data guzzling content over the internet, delivering greater speeds and an integrated service offering for an amazing internet experience is imperative.

Given the technical infancy of the consumers, it is becoming important for the service providers to focus on‘potential needs’ and not just the ‘core needs’ of speed and volume. The potential needs will require value added features through integration of services and solutions.

While most of the internet offerings are still doing spreadsheet sales, Spectranet with its simple product offering of 16Mbps speed across all plans makes all its fiber to the home (FTTH) customers among the top 1% of internet users in India.

Continuing its endeavor to provide an amazing experience to its customers, Spectranet has partnered with iYogi to offer an integrated Tech Assist solution. All Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX (Fiber Optic Xperience) customers can now seek technical assistance for their devices along with 24×7 support from an unified platform and contact center, which is managed by the trained experts of iYogi.

Earlier customers and service providers had disconnect in explaining and understanding that any glitch which impacts the customer is due to service provider network or customer home network or customer devices. With integrated technical assistance available 24×7 the Tech Assist agents are able to view and resolve any tech issues remotely and have end to end visibility for better troubleshooting. This results in better experience and more value to the customers.

Spectranet Tech Assist features are bundled with each of the Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX products (Spectranet Advantage, Spectranet Success, Spectranet Success Plus& Spectranet Joy) and are available to all its existing and new customers.

The bundled Spectranet Tech Assist features vary for various products which includes antivirus, remote tech support for any IP based devices, home network manager along with an interface which lets customer to view all the devices connected on his network and easily share, files, folder or printers and to do much more.

All of this comes to the customer of Spectranet Broadband powered by FOX at no additional cost as the Spectranet Tech Assist features are bundled as standard product offering.

With Tech Assist offerings the idea is to help build favorable and distinct perception about brand Spectranet; that of being the only internet service provider which delivers truly amazing experience.

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Spectranet & Netmagic Enter into a Strategic Partnership

Spectranet, India’s fastest growing integrated communication services provider and Netmagic Solutions, India’s largest pure-play Managed IT Hosting Services Provider, today announced a strategic partnership to collaborate across multiple business avenues.

As part of this partnership Spectranet will set up India’s first multi-location commercial DiD (Datacenter-in-Datacenter) across Netmagic’s datacenters in Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore and Chennai.  Spectranet will independently deliver service and support to their customers hosted at the DiDs, with Netmagic providing the core datacenter infrastructure support and services.  This is the first such deal in the datacenter space in India where a communication services provider has partnered with a pure-play Data Center Service provider. 

Also as part of this deal, Netmagic will benefit from Spectranet’s vast fibre and IP network and shall be able to extend these services to its customers. However, Netmagic will continue to be a carrier neutral hosting provider.

The partnership opportunity is worth Rs. 200 Crores and will help Spectranet and Netmagic leverage each other’s core competencies to deliver greater value to their customers. Globally, in mature markets, this business model is common within the datacenter space, where an end-user focused service provider partners with a pure-play datacenter service provider for collocation space and related services while focusing on customer service & support. This model provides cost and operational efficiencies for both players.

Says Mr. Udit Mehrotra, Managing Director, Spectranet, “While Spectranet has been providing Datacenter services since 2000, our footprint has been largely limited to Delhi and Bangalore region. This partnership will enable us to rapidly roll out services across the top 4 Enterprise and SMB markets in India. The model ensures that the service delivery and management is entirely done by Spectranet, while leveraging the underlying state-of-the-art infrastructure available at the Netmagic facilities. This partnership will also enable Netmagic to leverage Spectranet’s core strengths in intra-city connectivity to offer integrated connectivity and datacenter solutions in the market.”

Says  Mr.  Sharad Sanghi, Founder & CEO, Netmagic Solutions, “We believe that this is a visionary and path-breaking move made by both companies. Given the growth opportunity in the marketplace and cost benefits to be had, the model is a win-win partnership for both organisations. This partnership also comes as an acknowledgment of Netmagic’s leadership position in the Managed IT hosting services space that we have built over the last 14 years”.

Awarded ‘Data Center Service Provider of the Year 2011′ award by Frost & Sullivan, Netmagic  has more than 2,00,000 square feet of datacenter space including the recently launched state-of-the-art 40,000 square feet datacenter in Noida to service the NCR region. The Noida Datacenter was the 7th datacenter for the company in India and its first in North India.

About Netmagic Solutions

Netmagic Solutions is India’s largest pure-play Managed IT Hosting Services Provider. Netmagic Solutions is ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 20000-1 certified and its processes are designed as per the ITIL framework. Netmagic Solutions delivers mission critical hosted applications for over 1000 of the world’s best-known enterprises from multiple locations and has been awarded the ‘Datacenter Service Provider of the Year 2011′ by Frost & Sullivan. Netmagic’s Chennai Datacenter is the only Gold LEED certified datacenter by the USGBC in India. Netmagic has 7 carrier neutral, state-of-the-art datacenters located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida (Delhi-NCR) and Chennai with over 2,00,000 sq. ft. floor space.

About Spectranet

Spectranet started its journey in the year 2000 as the pioneer of Broadband in India and has since evolved into an Integrated Communication Services Provider. Spectranet’s operations are strategically segmented into Enterprise and Home solutions. Our portfolio ranges from high-speed broadband to next-gen cloud-based services. The solutions we offer are tailored to meet the rapidly changing needs of our customers. Spectranet currently offers its services to over 20,000 satisfied customers in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Chandigarh and is extending its footprint to many more cities across India.

Spectranet is an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 27001:2005 Certified Company.

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Get VPS from Spectranet; Get Security, Reliability & Economy

With Spectranet VPS get an exceptional combination of Shared & Dedicated Hosting as Spectranet offers both Managed and Unmanaged Services, for customers opting for our Managed Services, all relevant software and tools will be installed by us along with a 24×7 assistance. Moreover our configuration is completely customizable since its designed keeping businesses needs in mind. This is not the end at Spectranet we guarantee 99.999% uptime.

Spectranet’s virtualization runs on VMware platform and offers simplified cloud infrastructure thereby offering a flexible and reliable IT services with features like high availability and fault tolerance. High availability safeguards against sudden hardware failures with automated restart within seconds for all applications whereas fault tolerance ensures continuous availability, thereby delivering 99.999% uptime. Spectranet’s advance storage management & scalability features of Spectranet VPS enable full control over memory and network flow which prevents any single user from getting effected in a shared resource environment.

Spectranet flexible VPS configuration enables control over your file system and CGI-BIN, disk space system. It provides the ability to manage your dedicated environment independently through SSH or Remote Desktop Connection. If needed users can upgrade with control panel like Plesk to Linux Base VPS and Linux Premium VPS to meet their specific business requirements.

What do you get in a VPS plan of Spectranet?

1)       Your own Private Servers: Run your own set of applications with your choice of operating system and also manage them independently.

2)       Guaranteed QOS/SLA: Our competitive SLAs cover memory, disk space, bandwidth, network uptime and more.

3)       Security: Since one does not share disk spaces, TCP/IP stacks or applications any operating system failures, or bugs does not affect you functioning.

All in all Spectranet’s VPS can meet any businesses demands in terms of performance, uptime and cost of operations. Full compatibility with third party server VPS solutions from Spectranet provides the customer a robust system with the flexibility of a dedicated server.

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Distinct Security Features of Spectranet Co-location Services

For affordable server hosting services, Data center Co-location is the most beneficial option. For co-location, the Data Center should be located in a secure place and should have excellent physical environment along with technologically advanced infrastructure.

Spectranet’s Co-location Servers are maintained round the clock and throughout a year with excellent HVAC and stringent security systems.

Spectranet’s Data Center is constructed to world class hosting standards as defined by the “Uptime Institute, USA”.  The data center complies with T3 level. The facility is built across the ground floor, and protected against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

The data center is not only shock proof but also fireproof. To deal with fire, the latest technology such as state- of –the- art smoke detection and GAS based fire suppression systems, are used as an inherent part of Spectranet’s data centers. The co-location services of Spectranet are engineered to the highest levels with extensive systems to address security and network redundancy, enabling Spectranet to offer 99.9% infrastructure availability guarantee.


Fire Suppression has three levels of redundancy namely Gas Fired Systems, Carbon Monoxide based systems and Water Sprinkler based systems.

The wire conduits and the fire protection systems are installed on false flooring and ceiling.

The entire facility around the data center is also equipped with a fire detection and smoke alarm system to alert the administration group in case of fire hazards, before this can affect the data center area.

Physical Protection Systems

The entire premise is monitored through video based close circuit TV system for 24X7 security surveillance.

General level security personnel are available on 24 hour basis at all the entry and exit point and the entrance of any non-employee is restricted to only one entry point.

Physical entry of any visitor or non-employee beyond the reception is permitted only with the authorized employee presence within the facility.

Physical access to the main Data Center facility is protected through a biometric fingerprint Scan facility with an added access card based authentication system.

Multi-homed Network & Centralized NMS (Network Management System)

The core network backbone is based on high-speed multiple megabit links which ensures high uptime for customers running their businesses to tight SLA’s.  Trained operation technicians monitor and support internet network and customer applications equipments on 24/7 basis. Component level failures are detected by triggering alarms in the local Network Operation Center which allows our trained personnel to quickly respond and ensure that systems are operational. Our advanced Network Monitoring system even has an inbuilt capability to upgrade itself when it reaches 70% utilization, thereby addressing the issue of infrastructure scalability.

Innovative Support

Our technical support is staffed 24 hours a day to offer assistance in any area.  We are accessible by means of

A) 24×7 Phone Support

B) 24×7 Smart Messaging

c) Via Email

Uninterrupted Power System

A high level of redundancy on the power front makes Spectranet a Self-Sustained Power Generation Unit.

The First Power backup comes from three redundant HSD Fuel Based Generator Sets. They generate power for all the commercial activities taking place over the total 20,000 sq ft area. These three units are built on a redundant circuit for usage with load sharing to generate electricity non-stop 24 hours a day.

Current power UPS systems are built on two 80 KVA units from APC in a redundant loop to run for full load 2 hour mode in case of a failure of the primary backup system. They provide clean conditioned power to the racks.

Atmospheric Conditioning

The special units of Data Centers deploy automated Tata Liebert Systems in pairs of 10 TR and 5 TR built on a full redundancy loop. The average temperature maintained in the data center is 17 degrees.

Based on bottom up airflow systems, the environment is controlled for atmospheric composition.

The Data Center Facility is isolated from the 2X170 TR air conditioning system of main facility. This system is hence utilized purely as a backup option in case of a failure in the main system.

Redundant Connectivity

Multiple STM1 fiber optic capacity across different routes, cable systems for data uplink are delivered to different POP’s of Spectranet across India to offer highest level of redundancy.

OC-12 Data backbone under up-gradation to OC-192 in Delhi for Fiber Connectivity

High end Servers & Network Equipment

Our Services are configured on world class systems and equipment i.e. General Instruments, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Lucent Technologies, Juniper and Cisco Systems.

The Colocation Services of Spectranet are designed to meet the growing demands of businesses. Offering security, reliability and scalability to your mission critical applications, you can rest be assured that they are protected against power failure, flood, fire and intrusion.

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Spectranet Virtual Private Server

Spectranet’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) service is designed to be exclusive yet economical, by allowing multiple customers to share the resources, with an extremely high degree of security and insulation. VPS customers have “root” level access and can enjoy most of the benefits of a dedicated / collocated server.

Taking IaaS & SaaS to the next level: Spectranet’s offers highly secure & scalable cloud computing power to your growing business need. True, pay as you use!

Spectranet VPS Features

• Dedicated virtual server ensures complete system isolation
• Choice of OS (Windows Server 2008/2003 & Linux Cent OS/Fedora)
• Full Root/Administrator Access over the entire Operating System
• Advanced Multi-Processor Multi-Core Hardware and High performance SAN
• Protected by Enterprise Firewall/Intrusion Prevention appliances and VLAN
• 99.99% Service Uptime Guarantee
• 24x7x365 Support
• No lock in period
• Public IP Address(s) – Additional IP’s available
• Control panel support for Cpanel, Plesk (Optional)
• On demand memory and space up gradation
• MSSQL 2008 Express/Web/Standard Editions
• VM Backup and restore

Spectranet offers following types of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
1. Self-Managed VPS
2. Managed VPS

Self-Managed VPS – With Self-managed servers, customers are responsible to manage server operating systems, applications, software, space, logs and backups while Spectranet provides the host server hardware, network & facility.

Self-Managed VPS are best suited for customers who have extensive System Administration expertise to self-maintain and self-manage their server instances. This option provides customers with full administrative/root access to their VPS providing them the freedom to customize configurations and install 3rd party or proprietary application.

Spectranet Deliverables: One Time

• Up-to-date Windows / Linux OS installation
• FTP Service Filezilla for windows and Pure-ftp for Linux.
• One time installation of Additional Services like IIS/ASP.Net/PHP for Windows Apache/PHP/MySQL for Linux.
• Anti-Virus installation, if opted
• Remote root/Administer Access via SSH/Remote Desktop
• Implement IPsec/IP-Tables/Network Policy defined by Customer
• Reboot and reinstall on request
• Monitoring email alerts
• Cpanel/PLESK installation, if opted
• Virtual Machine restoration on request

Managed VPS – Managed VPS is best suited for customers requiring industry standard server administration and management services at economical price.
Our Managed Hosting experts take care of your VPS to ensure your mission-critical services on your virtual servers are running smoothly all of the time. Managed VPS at Spectranet, includes day-to-day system maintenance tasks including system monitoring, patching & upgrades, firewall management, port monitoring, load monitoring, standard automated backups & disaster recovery plan. Root access will be controlled by Spectranet till Server it is under managed services.

Brief Deliverables

1. Installation of patches
2. Complete Server resource management
3. Backup Management
4. Access Control & anti-virus management
5. OS & Server Monitoring & Reporting Services
6. Log checking and reporting
7. Server health monitoring
8. Database Administration
9. Email system Administration
10. L3 level customer support

Pre –Requisites from Client

• Client needs to inform on Windows/Linux OS versions
• Client needs to inform on OS 32bit/64Bit
• Backup schedules definition
• Acceptance of VPS Managed Hosting Terms and Conditions and SLA.
• Authorize Spectranet to remote access to the server and data

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Features of Spectranet Data Center: An Overview

What is data center?

A data center (sometimes spelled as datacenter, data centre or datacentre) is a centralized virtual or physical facility where computing resources are stored, managed and disseminated. A data center is backed up by redundant power supplies, connections, security and HVAC controls.

Spectranet’s Data Center Facility

Build and stretched across the ground floor, Spectranet’s data center facility is fire proof and shock-proof. The premise is also protected against flood, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art smoke detection and GAS based fire detection system.

The data centers of Spectranet comply with the world class hosting standards of the “Uptime Institute, USA” and are of T3 level. Engineered to the highest levels of redundancy and extensive security system, the data centers of Spectranet are backed up by infrastructure availability guarantee of 99.999%.


To prevent failures and ensure maximum uptime the physical or virtual environment of a data center premise is controlled rigorously. A temperature range of 16 to 25 degree temperature is also maintained. Spectranet’s data centers are laced with excellent protection and redundant security systems.

The fire suppression system consists of three redundant levels namely Gas Fired Systems, Water Sprinkler based systems and Carbon Monoxide based systems. Wires and conduits are installed on the false flooring and ceiling. The entire facility is also fortified with smoke alarm and fire detection system.

The physical access to the main data center facility is highly restricted and monitored duly through CCTV cameras on 24/7 basis. The premise has biometric finger print scan system and accessible only for authorized employees only. The entry and exit point of the premise is manned by security personnel.

Uninterruptible Power System

The IDC of Spectranet is a self sustained power generation unit. The first power backup is created by three redundant HSD fuel based generator systems. Current power UPS systems are built on two redundant loop 80 KVA units.

Redundant Connectivity

Multiple STM1 fiber optic capacity across different routes, cable systems for data uplink are delivered to different POP’s of Spectranet across India offer highest level of redundancy.

Multi-homed Network & Centralized NMS (Network Management System)

The multiple connections to the Internet backbone enable Spectranet to offer multi homed connectivity choices. The Network Operation Center (NOC) is locally staffed 24/7 by trained operation technicians to monitor and support Spectranet’s Internet network and customer applications or equipments. Component level failures are detected at initial stages and trigger alarms in the local Network Operation Center, letting our staff to quickly respond and ensure the operations of system.

The unique and advanced Network Monitoring system of Spectranet has an inbuilt capability to upgrade itself when it reaches 70% utilization, thereby addressing the issue of scaling up infrastructure as required.

Innovative 24/7 Customer Support

Spectranet provides 24/7 technical support to offer assistance in any area. Customers can reach the IT support staff by the means of:

a)      24×7 Phone Support

b)      24×7 Smart Messaging

c)       Via Email


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Spectranet’s MProtect: An Advanced UTM Solution

Today, enterprises are facing internal and external network security threats. These threats create loopholes in network security and leave an organization vulnerable to attacks. To counter these threats, organizations need multiple security features to ensure comprehensive protection of their networks. Though, it is seen that companies which have deployed multiple security solutions face a much daunting task to manage and upgrade them. While it’s difficult to train the IT section of any company on each solution separately, the management of these multiple security becomes more troublesome when their maintenance starts feeding on the operational expenses.Internet Security Solutions - Mprotect

This complexity involved in managing multiple security solutions paved the way for unified security solution. Over a single platform, the unified security solution has multiple features better known as Unified Threat Management- UTM.

MProtect– Comprehensive Network Security

Spectranet’s MProtect is a fully-managed 8-layered internet security solution. It is the industry’s most complete, single-source managed enterprise security solution. With always- on security, redundancy and high performance networks, MProtect UTM delivers assured security and productivity, preventing network slowdown and the resultant financial and customer loss.

MProtect represents all-in-one security appliances carrying a variety of security features such as firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, gateway anti-spam, intrusion prevention, content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and centralized reporting.

MProtect provides organizations with services to address IT and IT Security requirements in an environment where the use and protection of data is becoming increasingly important. It offers comprehensive security to small, medium & large enterprises through multiple security features integrated over a single managed platform. The unique and innovative features of MProtect are as follows:

  • Comprehensive Security from Layer 2 to Layer 8: MProtect is the only identity-based Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution that offers comprehensive network security with fine granularity through its unique user-identity based policies. Integrated active-active high availability feature provides protection against hardware failure to maximize network uptime and ensure uninterrupted access.
  • Identity Based Security: MProtect’s identity based management offers high flexibility and ease-of-use. It is the first fully managed UTM that embeds user identity in the firewall rule matching criteria, offering instant visibility and proactive controls over security breaches and eliminating dependence on IP addresses.
  • Granular Reporting: It offers real-time graphical reporting including dashboards and drill-down reporting to the third level with identity-based information related to network events and user activity. This results in easier access to security risks, employee productivity and network resource consumption. Helping to form an efficient policy-setting process, MProtect allows users to carry their own access rights and policies anywhere in the network, even in dynamic IP environments like DHCP and Wi-Fi. MProtect Layer 8 technology adds speed to the entire security set-up by offering instant visibility into the source of attack, identifying attackers/victims by username and thus, achieving immediate remediation to any security breach/condition.
  • Multiple Link Management: Spectranet’s MProtect controls traffic over multiple WAN links. It optimizes link, delivers comprehensive traffic management capability and offers high-speed connectivity.
  • Bandwidth Management: MProtect lets you manage bandwidth productivity. It is a very helpful tool to manage bandwidth for processes, functions and people. It can help an organization to allocate the right bandwidth in accordance with job, people and functions.


  • On- Appliance Reporting: MProtect offers real-time visibility into network and user activity with the Human Layer 8 Identity-based reporting. It also offers the management to read into the source and destination of attacks, Internet access and bandwidth usage. This feature of MProtect enables high network security; optimal network performance and help organizations to meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

MProtect makes it very easy for organizations to manage a company’s security strategy, with just one device to worry about, one source of support and a single way to maintain every aspect of your security solution.

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Wi-Fi gets a Shot in the Arm

India has been dreaming of setting up city-wide Wi-Fi networks since 2008, when the Bombay Municipal Corporation forwarded an over ambitious plan of using Wi-Fi. The Rs. 50 crore project was intended to design an intranet, which people could use to communicate with one another. The municipality wanted the network up and running within six months. Bangalore, Nagpur and Pune are some other cities vying for Wi-Fi enabled city status.

Girish Mehta, CMO Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel, commented, “Huge investment is required to completely unwire a city. In the past, efforts were made, that too only in select commercial or residential pockets.” He added that inhibiting factors included low customer patronage and high usage charges.

A Reliance spokesperson said, “For any network rollout there is a certain viability check that needs to be done. India has been going through a phase of technology conflict on the success potential of wireless technology for data access. No rollouts can happen without tech alignment. There has to be a balance between the avenue structure and revenues. Now that the auction for 3G is over, operators will be in a better position to design their strategies” Read More….


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IVR: Helping Companies to Connect with Customers

Thanks to the growing acceptance towards voice driven technologies, IVRS is now an integral part of customer care support. IVRS is the key to reduce the operational expenditure and enhance the customer experience by taking off the call burden from agents. Spectranet’s IVR solution is a multi-dimensional system which cuts down on call times, increases productivity and streamlines the operations. The call centers or customer care department of the companies dealing largely in information retrieval of any kind such as flight information, pricing updates, password or pin generation and transaction processing can make the most of it.

An IVR system is extremely user-friendly. Able to integrate seamlessly with T1, ISDN, E1 or analog lines, it simultaneously saves time and increase efficiency of a call center. Cutting down the wait times for customers, it enhances the productivity and performance levels of customer care executives. Remote monitoring and intelligent routing between different applications is also possible. To utilize this technology to its utmost potential, the IVR system and script allows an ideal combination of quick automated messages and human involvement. The inflexible push towards automation neither drives the customer satisfaction nor revenues to the home. Implementation of poorly designed IVR can spell disaster for any company and instead of reducing the calls would result in outnumbered calls in a call center.

Thankfully, the IVR of Spectranet works as a complete communication channel between company and customers. It strikes a perfect balance between automation and self service commands. Capable to reduce the OPEX and cut back the time consumption in a calling process, Spectranet’s IVRS is customer friendly and rich in usability.

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Shared Hosting Servers of Spectranet: What Makes Them Special?

Finally, a shared hosting services provider that not only empathizes with your business but also partners to ensure your success. From e-commerce features to advanced server technologies for enterprises, Spectranet’s shared hosting servers have it all. Read on to know the unique and outstanding features of shared hosting servers of Spectranet.  And how they help business to maintain and safeguard their online presence.

Affordable: Affordable does not imply that you have to compromise on bandwidth, storage space or security. Spectranet’s shared hosting services come with anti-virus support, dedicated security solutions and are completely scalable.

Bandwidth and Storage: With the growth of your business, you may also need to expand and extend your web presence due to increased traffic. With the shared hosting of Spectranet, you get unmetered monthly bandwidth and unlimited hosting space capacity.

e-Commerce Features: 24/7 server monitoring for security, advanced Firewall, OS based online Shopping Cart, SSL certificates, password protected directories and encryption.

Advanced Server Technologies: Thanks to our advanced technologies such as Servlets, Java Server Pages, Enterprise JavaBeans and XML, the Java hosting account keeps updating itself with the expansion of website.

Basic to Professional Packages: Whether the shared hosting solutions are needed for basic template website, blog or for a regularly updated website, businesses can choose the desired bandwidth OS and JSP support.

Database Hosting: The shared servers India of Spectranet support databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and others.

24/7 customer support: When and wherever you need it. Remote and on-site technical assistance also provided. We understand that website owners should not be waiting forever to online again. In case of downtimes, the efforts to reinstate website is initiated within minutes. Moreover, all the e-mail queries are responded instantly. Identifying the problem and fixing it, becomes the top- most priority.

Access to Control Panels: Build your online presence and IT resources the way you want them to be. You can update, modify or delete the part of your website you do not need. This access is something which is not provided by most of the shared hosting providers.

From installation, configuration, load balancing to security, the mission critical services of the organizations are managed by a team of skilled engineers. The dependable and stable shared hosting servers of Spectranet ensure minimum downtime.

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