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Distinct Security Features of Spectranet Co-location Services

For affordable server hosting services, Data center Co-location is the most beneficial option. For co-location, the Data Center should be located in a secure place and should have excellent physical environment along with technologically advanced infrastructure.

Spectranet’s Co-location Servers are maintained round the clock and throughout a year with excellent HVAC and stringent security systems.

Spectranet’s Data Center is constructed to world class hosting standards as defined by the “Uptime Institute, USA”.  The data center complies with T3 level. The facility is built across the ground floor, and protected against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

The data center is not only shock proof but also fireproof. To deal with fire, the latest technology such as state- of –the- art smoke detection and GAS based fire suppression systems, are used as an inherent part of Spectranet’s data centers. The co-location services of Spectranet are engineered to the highest levels with extensive systems to address security and network redundancy, enabling Spectranet to offer 99.9% infrastructure availability guarantee.


Fire Suppression has three levels of redundancy namely Gas Fired Systems, Carbon Monoxide based systems and Water Sprinkler based systems.

The wire conduits and the fire protection systems are installed on false flooring and ceiling.

The entire facility around the data center is also equipped with a fire detection and smoke alarm system to alert the administration group in case of fire hazards, before this can affect the data center area.

Physical Protection Systems

The entire premise is monitored through video based close circuit TV system for 24X7 security surveillance.

General level security personnel are available on 24 hour basis at all the entry and exit point and the entrance of any non-employee is restricted to only one entry point.

Physical entry of any visitor or non-employee beyond the reception is permitted only with the authorized employee presence within the facility.

Physical access to the main Data Center facility is protected through a biometric fingerprint Scan facility with an added access card based authentication system.

Multi-homed Network & Centralized NMS (Network Management System)

The core network backbone is based on high-speed multiple megabit links which ensures high uptime for customers running their businesses to tight SLA’s.  Trained operation technicians monitor and support internet network and customer applications equipments on 24/7 basis. Component level failures are detected by triggering alarms in the local Network Operation Center which allows our trained personnel to quickly respond and ensure that systems are operational. Our advanced Network Monitoring system even has an inbuilt capability to upgrade itself when it reaches 70% utilization, thereby addressing the issue of infrastructure scalability.

Innovative Support

Our technical support is staffed 24 hours a day to offer assistance in any area.  We are accessible by means of

A) 24×7 Phone Support

B) 24×7 Smart Messaging

c) Via Email

Uninterrupted Power System

A high level of redundancy on the power front makes Spectranet a Self-Sustained Power Generation Unit.

The First Power backup comes from three redundant HSD Fuel Based Generator Sets. They generate power for all the commercial activities taking place over the total 20,000 sq ft area. These three units are built on a redundant circuit for usage with load sharing to generate electricity non-stop 24 hours a day.

Current power UPS systems are built on two 80 KVA units from APC in a redundant loop to run for full load 2 hour mode in case of a failure of the primary backup system. They provide clean conditioned power to the racks.

Atmospheric Conditioning

The special units of Data Centers deploy automated Tata Liebert Systems in pairs of 10 TR and 5 TR built on a full redundancy loop. The average temperature maintained in the data center is 17 degrees.

Based on bottom up airflow systems, the environment is controlled for atmospheric composition.

The Data Center Facility is isolated from the 2X170 TR air conditioning system of main facility. This system is hence utilized purely as a backup option in case of a failure in the main system.

Redundant Connectivity

Multiple STM1 fiber optic capacity across different routes, cable systems for data uplink are delivered to different POP’s of Spectranet across India to offer highest level of redundancy.

OC-12 Data backbone under up-gradation to OC-192 in Delhi for Fiber Connectivity

High end Servers & Network Equipment

Our Services are configured on world class systems and equipment i.e. General Instruments, Sun Microsystems, Compaq, Lucent Technologies, Juniper and Cisco Systems.

The Colocation Services of Spectranet are designed to meet the growing demands of businesses. Offering security, reliability and scalability to your mission critical applications, you can rest be assured that they are protected against power failure, flood, fire and intrusion.

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Spectranet Virtual Private Server

Spectranet’s Virtual Private Server (VPS) service is designed to be exclusive yet economical, by allowing multiple customers to share the resources, with an extremely high degree of security and insulation. VPS customers have “root” level access and can enjoy most of the benefits of a dedicated / collocated server.

Taking IaaS & SaaS to the next level: Spectranet’s offers highly secure & scalable cloud computing power to your growing business need. True, pay as you use!

Spectranet VPS Features

• Dedicated virtual server ensures complete system isolation
• Choice of OS (Windows Server 2008/2003 & Linux Cent OS/Fedora)
• Full Root/Administrator Access over the entire Operating System
• Advanced Multi-Processor Multi-Core Hardware and High performance SAN
• Protected by Enterprise Firewall/Intrusion Prevention appliances and VLAN
• 99.99% Service Uptime Guarantee
• 24x7x365 Support
• No lock in period
• Public IP Address(s) – Additional IP’s available
• Control panel support for Cpanel, Plesk (Optional)
• On demand memory and space up gradation
• MSSQL 2008 Express/Web/Standard Editions
• VM Backup and restore

Spectranet offers following types of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
1. Self-Managed VPS
2. Managed VPS

Self-Managed VPS – With Self-managed servers, customers are responsible to manage server operating systems, applications, software, space, logs and backups while Spectranet provides the host server hardware, network & facility.

Self-Managed VPS are best suited for customers who have extensive System Administration expertise to self-maintain and self-manage their server instances. This option provides customers with full administrative/root access to their VPS providing them the freedom to customize configurations and install 3rd party or proprietary application.

Spectranet Deliverables: One Time

• Up-to-date Windows / Linux OS installation
• FTP Service Filezilla for windows and Pure-ftp for Linux.
• One time installation of Additional Services like IIS/ASP.Net/PHP for Windows Apache/PHP/MySQL for Linux.
• Anti-Virus installation, if opted
• Remote root/Administer Access via SSH/Remote Desktop
• Implement IPsec/IP-Tables/Network Policy defined by Customer
• Reboot and reinstall on request
• Monitoring email alerts
• Cpanel/PLESK installation, if opted
• Virtual Machine restoration on request

Managed VPS – Managed VPS is best suited for customers requiring industry standard server administration and management services at economical price.
Our Managed Hosting experts take care of your VPS to ensure your mission-critical services on your virtual servers are running smoothly all of the time. Managed VPS at Spectranet, includes day-to-day system maintenance tasks including system monitoring, patching & upgrades, firewall management, port monitoring, load monitoring, standard automated backups & disaster recovery plan. Root access will be controlled by Spectranet till Server it is under managed services.

Brief Deliverables

1. Installation of patches
2. Complete Server resource management
3. Backup Management
4. Access Control & anti-virus management
5. OS & Server Monitoring & Reporting Services
6. Log checking and reporting
7. Server health monitoring
8. Database Administration
9. Email system Administration
10. L3 level customer support

Pre –Requisites from Client

• Client needs to inform on Windows/Linux OS versions
• Client needs to inform on OS 32bit/64Bit
• Backup schedules definition
• Acceptance of VPS Managed Hosting Terms and Conditions and SLA.
• Authorize Spectranet to remote access to the server and data

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