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Introducing Another Internet Service Provider – Spectranet

While broadband penetration in India is still below the expectation, and BSNL is the only true pan India broadband service provider with widest coverage we like to introduce a little known ISP Spectranet which is offering cable & wireless broadband and WiFi services in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Chandigarh and is extending its footprint to many more cities across India.

Spectranet was rolled out in 2000 but after acquisition by the Shyam Group (of MTS India fame) in 2008, it has evolved into an Integrated Communication Services Provider.

Spectranet’s cable based broadband which does not need any phone or modem comes at a very affordable rate, you can choose any plan which offers bandwidth from 256kbps to 4Mbps. All types of plans – limited, flat rate & night plans are available. All plans are prepaid – so no question of bill shock at the end of month.

Note that Spectranet also has reasonable fair usage policy on unlimited plans with bandwidth more than 256kbps. Details of Spectranet’s FUP

Spectranet also gives away QuickHeal Antivirus to its wireless broadband customers. Wireless broadband plans starting from 256kbps to 2Mbps are available at very affordable rate.Spectranet has its WiFi Hotzones in Delhi NCR, Noida, Guragaon, Faridabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad & Gaziabad. Locate here

For enterprises Spectranet has a wide range of solutions: Connectivity Solutions, Datacenter Solutions, Voice Solutions, Collaboration Solutions, Cloud CC, Security Solutions

SpectraNet’s Firsts:

  • Pioneers of broadband in India; more than 10 years of experience in provisioning, delivering & servicing broadband solutions.
  • First private company in South-East Asia with a live “commissioned” network of optic fiber cable (OFC).
  • Set up one of the 1st World Class Tier-III Data Centres in India.
  • Amongst the 1st private players to enter the carrier market & service the needs of other ISPs.
  • First ISP in South Asia to be certified ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

Spectranet is available on Twitter: @spectranet_in You will be glad to know they also following us (@telecomtalk) on twitter.

For more details, visit www.spectranet.in or call: 1860-266-0099 or email to business@spectranet.com or tweet them!

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Accessing Internet – Changing trends in the industry

For the past few years, the Govt. of India is focusing on increasing the Broadband penetration across country. The performance so far has been not up to the expectation. The spotlight of data industry has been on the number of broadband subscribers and their growth. However, there is another interesting story brewing beneath the surface which is changing the dynamics of the industry. A revolutionary change in usage pattern of internet and the medium to access internet is underway – fueled by both hardware and services offerings.

On the hardware front, the laptop market in India is growing at over 100% per annum and Wi-Fi enabled phones are now available for as less as Rs.4,000. Tablet computers – promising convergence of smart phones and laptops – are also making a significant mark with over 10 manufacturers launching tablet computers in the last 1 year in India. The ubiquitous availability of devices to access internet has created immense pressure on Service providers as the customers today are demanding increasing mobility and universal availability of services. With voice becoming a commodity due to severe competition and dwindling rates, service providers are now focusing on catering to the data needs of customers. The steep premium paid by service providers at recent auction of 3G and BWA licenses is an indication of industry pinning its hope on the increasing demand of mobile data services.

Wi-Fi is one of the many service delivery platforms competing to cater to the segment of mobile internet users. Of late, Wi-Fi as a technology is increasingly gaining momentum in India. Wi-Fi provides localized mobile internet services which can be accessed by users across a variety of platforms such a phones, tablet and laptop.

Though Wi-Fi provides higher speed compared to other current mobile data services, an often quoted limitation of Wi-Fi is its restricted coverage capability. However, analysis of bandwidth consumption pattern of customers reveals that most of the data consumption happens inside premises – be it in homes, offices or common public places such as malls, hotels or hospitals. Service providers are capitalizing on the limited areas of bandwidth consumption by making Wi-Fi Hotspots across locations such as malls, hospitals, hotels and markets – thereby creating a presence wherever the customer is likely to use data services. To complete the mobility aspect of the offering, service providers are offering free roaming services to their residential customers, enabling users to browse internet at their favourite destination using the same credentials that the customer would use at his/her home. The lower cost of Wi-Fi technology and standard implementation across devices provides Wi-Fi a cutting edge over other mobile bandwidth platforms.

The impact of 3G rollout on the Wi-Fi service delivery platform remains to be seen. 3G is pitted as the next big thing in India Telecom industry and a competitor to Wi-Fi Hotspots as both platforms offer mobile data connectivity solution. But Mobile Operators are already looking at utilizing the Wi-Fi platform as a complementing platform to gain more economical operational costs; rather than as a competition. Reason for such opinion is not hard to find. 3G requires enormous investment in network and the coverage inside premises remains a challenge. Service providers are nowadays offering Managed Wi-Fi Service which can be integrated with both 3G and 2G networks. Using the EAP-SIM technology, data transfer by Mobile Operator’s customer can be seamlessly transferred from the 3G / GPRS to Wi-Fi Infrastructure whenever the user is in a Wi-Fi zone. The user benefits with higher speed data transfer and the Mobile Operator gains by offloading the traffic from the expensive spectrum on to comparatively cheaper Wi-Fi platform.

Thus, the Wi-Fi technology seems to be poised for an explosive growth across the country and globe. Launch of 3G services in India shall provide impetus to the trend of Wi-Fi hotspot across the country with data transfer seamlessly switching to available technology platform. All in all, the customers are in a treat with various technologies making mobile broadband a reality and the interplay in technologies providing a perfect browsing experience to customer wherever he/she desires.

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