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Best internet connection
These quick checks will ensure that you get the best from your Spectranet internet connection
  • Login to our Self Care Portal (my.spectranet.in) and check your usage status (applicable for non-unlimited data plans only).
  • If you have exceeded your data usage (as per subscriber plan) and you wish to continue with the normal subscriber speed, then you need to go for a TopUp (not applicable to unlimited plan users).
  • In case your data usage is well within the defined quota, then you need to check the speed on http://speedtest.spectranet.in
  • If you are an ‘unlimited plan’ user, please go straight to http://speedtest.spectranet.in to check your internet speed.
  • To get the best from your Spectranet internet connection, connect your device directly to your router via Ethernet cable.
In case you’re on Wi-Fi
  • Please ensure that the distance between your PC/Laptop and Wi-Fi router is not more than 7 feet (line of sight).
  • Please note that direct wire line connection will always give you a better speed than WiFi.
  • Please ensure that there are no background applications running on the computer that you are using for speed test.
  • Please ensure that your antivirus is properly installed and updated.
  • Number of devices running simultaneously on your internet can affect the speed of your connection.
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If none of the sites or the Speedtest server shows the subscribed speed,
please get in touch with Spectranet Customer Technical Support.
call 1800-121-5678 | email care@spectranet.in | SMS FOX at 56767
Spectranet's Amazing Internet powered by FOX ensures high speeds that currently only 1% of India’s home internet users enjoy.