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Your data isn't safe in room,
Give it a fortress






Are you still using a server room to keep your data? at this day and age, data center is as safe as using an external hard drive!
Guard your data with an impenetrable fortress - give it spectranet’s data habitat.

Spectranet’s data habitat secures your business with agility, efficiency and security at lower cost of operations. Data Center offers you innumerable Managed Services that are supported by our unparalleled technical expertise and experience. It helps your business grow by reducing future capital investments and cutting down on support cost.

Spectranet’s data habitat is an impenetrable fortress powered by scalability & safety.

Fortress features

  • 10,000 square feet of data habitat
  • The right temperature, humidity and hygiene, maintained 24x7
  • Trained personnel capable of dealing with any situation
  • N +1 power backup
  • Multiple security cameras with video imaging and archiving
  • Affordable cost of ownership